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What is S4?

Cal State S4 is a web-based system for online tracking of student academic placements within their community and is supported by the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor. Cal State S4 functions as a consortium of multiple CSU campus programs, working together to achieve common needs. The consortium model encourages the sharing of best practices between CSU campuses and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

The Purpose of Cal State S4

Cal State S4 is designed to:

  • Manage risk concerns and requirements associated with off-campus academic placements, and specifically outlined in Executive Orders;
  • Collect reliable and accurate data from CSU campuses about community engagement activities and other High Impact Practices (HIPs);
  • Collate and analyze HIPs data from CSU campuses to better understand the impact on student success, graduation and retention rates; and


S4's earliest iterations were created made by the Web Services team in Information Technology at CSU Monterey Bay. From those initial attempts, the Chancellor's Office CSU-wide Center for Community Engagement saw the S4 project as something that could become a "Made by the CSU, for the CSU" application, helping campuses fulfill Executive Orders 1062 and 1064. We now have 19 CSU campuses with over 30 campus programs utilizing the system, with new programs being added monthly.


Cal State S4 Stats
2015–2016 2016–2017 Other Stats from 2016
17 campuses committed
9 live or live piloting
8 piloting or in development
19 campuses committed
13 live or live piloting
6 piloting or in development
Over 17,000 placements captured
Over 8,000 courses tracked
6,400 active partner sites
Program types using S4
Service Learning
Academic Internships
Health/Human Services
Program types added in 2016
Field Trips
Social Work
Community Service
Program type requests
International Placements
Education Placements
Non-academic Internships


Cal State S4 strives to be accessible to all users. Here's our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT®).