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What is S4?

CalState S4 is CSU’s integrated web application that provides a user-friendly interface to manage students' off-campus academic learning experiences, such as service learning, academic internships, undergraduate research and professional field placements. Its flexibility allows for sustainable partnerships and processes that promote high-quality, off-campus learning experiences that contribute to the common good. With an informed focus on supporting student success and safety, CalState S4’s consortium approach encourages the sharing of best practices between CSU campuses and promotes a culture of continuous improvement, which includes collecting key data and strengthening relationships that ultimately promote a culture of outreach and connection. To see a list of member campuses, visit our network and look for the S4 icon.

The Center for Community Engagement (COCCE) in the California State University, Office of the Chancellor manages the operations and staffing of the CalState S4 system.

The Purpose of Cal State S4

CalState S4 aims to provide a user-friendly service that:

  • Addresses the administrative burden of off-campus activity management using integrated SIS and SSO to aggregate course information and external partnership data to a single record.
  • Complies with the California State University’s Executive Orders by consolidating all necessary documentation to a common location.
  • Collects and analyzes experiential data into stream-lined reports, which informs decisions regarding student success, retention and graduation rates.
  • Promotes continuous improvement through shared best practices to achieve common needs as the “one-stop-shop” for all off-campus placement activities.


A Voluntary Product Evaluation has been developed which provides information about the strengths and limitations of the CalState S4 software for students who need accommodation. The S4 team is committed to addressing accessibility issues and will mitigate requests as needed.


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